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Forest fire in Gangwon Province in 2019.

Gangwon, Korea

Recorded by Doan Thi Diu



I would like to share some information about the forest fire in Gangwon province in 2019. On April 4, 2019, the fire started in Goseong County, Gangwon Province came from the spark of a transformer near a resort in Goseong, then the fire quickly speeded to the mountainous northeast, about 45 km from the border of North Korea. According to a South Korean government report, nearly 4,200 people were evacuated, one person died, and 35 people were injured. The forest fire has burned about 525 hectares and affected several localities near the port of Sokcho. About 135 houses and more than 100 buildings were reduced to ashes. The army deployed 16,500 soldiers to assist the rescue force, and by April 5, most of the fire was under control. Finance Minister said 4.25 billion won had been earmarked for emergency rescue efforts. The Gangwon Provincial Police Department on April 18, 2019, announced the inspection results of the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, saying that the cause of the serious forest fire in the Goseong district of this province was the damage high-voltage line. The connection point between the special high-voltage processing wire and the conductor with the load circuit breaker was damaged and the damaged section meets the pole causing sparking. Sparks shoot to dry leaves or dry grass to create a fire. The cause of the failure of the high voltage line was judged to be the sagging of the power line due to constant shaking by strong winds and saggy loads that damaged the line. With the extremely serious damage caused by forest fires, I think the most important thing we should do to protect our forests is to raise our awareness of forest protection. Promoting the propaganda and dissemination of the law and knowledge on fire prevention and fighting are very necessary. In addition, the authorities should regularly strictly inspect the key areas of forest fires, ensure adequate facilities and be ready to deal with the occurrence of forest fires. Thank you!


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