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[Quarantine] Regulation - for Foreigners

페이지 정보

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At the airport, all entrants with COVID-19 symptoms must undergo PCR test.

If positive, entrants are transferred to a hospital or life treatment center directly.

In the case of negative, the method of self-quarantine differs according to long-term and short-term stays.

Long-term foreigners must conduct a self-quarantine for 14 days. You must download ‘self-quarantine safety protection app’* during the self-quarantine period.

*Self-quarantine safety protection app: You can register personal information and self-quarantine address. The self-diagnosis result is automatically notified to a dedicated public official.

- After the self-quarantine period is over, you have to visit local public health center within 3 days to undergo PCR test.

For short-term foreigners, a PCR test is performed at the airport (it may take up to 2 days). If the test result is negative, self-quarantine is conducted for 2 weeks. 

- During the self-quarantine period, you must install a mobile self-diagnosis app to report your health status.

- Short-term foreigners must stay in self-quarantine facilities designated by the government. In this case, the cost must be paid personally.


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