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Flowers need time to bloom. So do you!

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작성자 Supu
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By Supuni Dayasheela


Hello, I am Supu from Sri Lanka, one of the newest students at Hallym University and a newcomer to this beautiful country, South Korea. After an 8-hour flight journey, I was able to come to South Korea. When I came here, it’s been so cold and the temperature was -4 degrees Celsius, and this is my first ever experience with a winter. As it is winter, there were no flowers or greenery to be seen all over my ride to the university from Incheon Airport. We only have 65,610 km2 of land area in Sri Lanka, with natural forest covering 12,493 km2. So, when all the trees and grasses seemed brown and yellow in color, I really missed my green country.

I used to watch KDramas when I was in my mother country, and I had a great favor for this lovely country and the amazing culture and nature here after watching these dramas. So I have to wait to see the beautiful country of Korea and its amazing beauty. In Hallym University, there are so many trees, bushes, and grasses throughout the university but not in their actual colors. I cannot imagine how beautiful they will be when spring comes!

Having been born and brought up in a country with a moderate climate, it is a bit difficult for me to suddenly get used to a country with a cold climate. But I know that spring is coming soon. Trees will turn green, and beautiful flowers will bloom. As I am getting used to this country and this climate, as I am falling in love with this amazing country and this climate diversity, all the withered trees will be colorful. All the flowers that seemed dry and discolored will bloom in color. The fragrance will spread everywhere.

So, I will wait until then, until the environment smiles in green. Until I can smell the colorful flowers,

Yes, it is true. Flowers need time to bloom. So do you!



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