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I took a covid-19 test

페이지 정보

작성자 Phan Thi Bich H…
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We are living in a period that a cough, a sore throat, a headache, or a fever is a sign of a serious and infectious disease. When your body shows any sign of them, you know that this is what you need to worry about.

A month ago, I got a sore throat. I had never cared much about a sore throat or a headache before the covid-19 pandemic. But this time, I knew that I could not just let it be. I went to Hallym hospital to take a test for the best. There is a separate area for the covid-19 test in the hospital. First of all, I went to the registration desk to give my personal information. Then, I waited for a nurse to check my temperature. Because I am a foreigner, the nurse asked me whether or not I took the test to return to my country. I then explained to her that I came here due to my sore throat. After a few minutes, the nurse called me and led me to see the doctor. After carefully checking my throat, the doctor told me that there was no redness in my throat and therefore I might just have a common cold, however, it would be better to have a test because of the pandemic. The doctor also said that I could get the testing result at around 8 P.M that day. Then, I came back to the registration desk to pay for the test (10400 KRW) before returning to the testing area. The doctor got two testing samples from my nose. After that, I came back to the registration desk one more time to get the bill and came home. At around 6:30 P.M that day, I got a negative result. I was greatly relieved after seeing the message.

My Professor allowed me to stay at home a few days to recover. He was really supportive. He instructed me to go to the hospital for the test. He then also told me to go to the hospital to get medicine or he could give me some. However, it was just a sore throat so I just took my own available medicine. My Professor care and support was very nice and that made me feel better. I am grateful to be his student.

I considered myself lucky to be in South Korea. It was really convenient to take a covid-19 test. It was also very fast to get the result.  All in all, it made me feel less worried and safe in this period.


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