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My name is MRS MBAGWU FRANCES AKUDO, a Nigerian who gained admission into the prestigious Hallym University Chuncheon.
I arrived INCHEON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT SOUTH KOREA on the 26th day of February 2021. Upon arrival I had to go through the airport protocol of stamping my passport and other protocols. After that I and some of the passengers were converged in a private bus and was taken to a government facility were we did another COVID-19 test to be sure we were all Negative of this infection. We had to spend a night at the facility for us to get our test results and to be sure we are negative. The next day I was negative of the Covid-19 test, so a staff helped me book a taxi that will bring me down to my hostel (a private room were I was quarantined for 14day).

Before coming to South Korea, My husband was once a student in Hallym University. He attended Christian church (HARVEST TIME INTERNATIONAL CHURCH), here the pastor who is a Korean speaks English very well, infact the church is populated with foreigners. I did my quarantine in the church's hostel.

During my quarantine days I didn't regret it nor feel bored because I was able to use my Mobile phone to talk with my family and friends. The church also provided me with some books and provisions and fruits to sustain me during my stay.

Also the government of South Korea made it easy for me too, they gave some palliative I was so happy because in my country this can not happen.
Finally on the 13th day I had to go for the final Covid-19 test, in the morning at about 10a.m the Ambulance came to pick me up in front of my house to the Health Center.
This was my first experience in Chuncheon South Korea.
Thank you.


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