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I arrived South Korea in February 2021, then the pandemic was over a year. Although travelling was difficult but as a student, I was able to travel. Upon arrival in Korea, I had to undergo a 14days quarantine after which I had to do another Covid test before I was free. Afterwards, I started my classes for the semester which was online due to the Covid-19 rules and regulations here in Korea. I was happy our classes were online because I was thinking about wearing the nose mask for about two hours. On the other hand, I was not happy that I would not be able to see my lecturers and course mates. As time went, the Covid cases got worse and all thanks to the Korean government for ways they were using to control the spread of the virus with the social distancing rules and establishment of the curfew. Few months later the vaccine came out and the citizens were able to be vaccinated from the elder generation to the younger generation. After the citizens were vaccinated, foreigners began to register online according to their birthday dates. Exploring Korea was a difficult because of the Covid-19 rules and regulations, however after my first semester I was able to visit few places, but I always have to check their plans before going.

The next semester started and we were told we would be having classes both online and offline, I was a bit worried and thinking of how to sit in class for two hours, but guess what the first day was horrible but I had to get use to it. After sometime, I was able to get the vaccinated. My first shot was in September and after 4 weeks I was able to get the second shot. In November, the government decided to relax some of the rules and I was so happy about it. Until December 1st we started hearing about a new variant OMICRON that started in South Africa. The government again started taking precautions and infact had to ban some countries from coming into Korea including Nigeria because a couple who travelled to Nigeria contacted the virus. When they got into Korea, they ran a Covid test and the result came out positive. This will make my Christmas holiday a boring one as I was expecting my husband to join me this season.

Nevertheless, we all need to keep staying safe and healthy especially as we approach the winter season.

Thank You.


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