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Getting "Back to Normal"

페이지 정보

작성자 Dana
댓글 0 Comments 조회 487 Views 작성일 22-05-26 22:43


         Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, it is clear that the world is already learning to cope with it. The number of new cases is already manageable, vaccines have been administered to many, restrictions are relaxed, and nations are slowly opening their borders for travel and tourism. Like Korea, the country is already resuming the issuance of tourist visas by June 1, 2022! With that, several activities have resumed for crowds to enjoy - like concerts and festivals.

         The question is, how do we ready ourselves to get back out there? With more than two years of restricted movement, how do we ease into getting “back to normal”. Here are some things that we can keep in mind:

1.     Don’t rush it. I know we’ve all been waiting so long for this time that restrictions are lifted. However, we don’t necessarily have to do every activity that we used to before, meet all our friends again, or travel a lot. It might take us a little time to confidently socialize again and that’s okay.

2.     Continue to practice healthy habits. Now that we can do more activities, the more that we should keep ourselves healthy. Again, we will be exposed to more people, so we cannot let out guards down so easily. One of the best effects of the pandemic is our reinforced concern to prevent any illness. As much as possible, let us continue to choose to live healthier lifestyles – Exercise, eat healthier, and keep disease preventive measures like handwashing.

3.     Be kind to yourself. As much as we have had to adjust to the pandemic, we will also be subjected to a learning curve of being out there again. Two years is a long time and for sure, changes will surprise us. Be forgiving to yourself if you feel like things are overwhelming, because chances are, you’re not the only one who thinks so! We’ve strongly gone through a pandemic together and so I’m sure we’ll ease into the new normal together too!

4.     Be informed. By this time, we may not be so interested to check the status of new cases, new variants, or any other developments about COVID 19. But since the virus is still around, make sure that you continue to seek knowledge about the situation around you. Also, try to learn about other diseases that we should pay attention to - for example, Monkeypox. It is best to keep yourself educated to that you can respond better and prepare.


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