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Maintain immunity by exercising

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작성자 Putri
댓글 0 Comments 조회 676 Views 작성일 22-05-28 08:21


Spring weather in South Korea is the perfect weather for doing sports outdoors. Sport is an important activity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic to maintain physical fitness. In addition to the benefits of fitness, exercise done outside the home (outdoor) can be beneficial for mental health. In fact, exercise outside the home is also very good for maintaining body condition to experience various kinds of diseases that may arise due to having to sit all day in front of the computer to finish work or study. I really like cycling in Chuncheon this spring. There are many interesting places for cycling in the Chuncheon area, usually I cycle to the Gongjicheon riverside area, Soyang sky walk, or by the river near the Seoksagyo bridge. Along the way I can enjoy beautiful scenery such as colorful flowers or ducks or swans swimming in the river. For me, beautiful scenery can refresh my brain, which is sometimes tired from studying. There are some free sports equipment provided by the government. Usually after cycling to the edge of the river, I stretch my body with the free exercise equipment that is there. However, we can also exercise indoors to keep our bodies fit. There are several recommendations for exercise options at home such as doing knee to elbow movements, planks, squats, or doing meditation. 


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