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Lesson Learned from COVID-19 Pandemic

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작성자 Putri
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The COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it and it may have changed us individually as well, from our morning routines to our life goals and priorities. Many say the world has changed forever. But this coming year, if the vaccines drive down infections and variants are kept at bay, life could return to some form of normal. At that point, what will we glean from the past year? Are there silver linings or lessons learned?

Lesson 1: Masks are useful tools

But when the pandemic began, it necessitated a global effort to ensure that everyone practiced behaviors to keep themselves healthy and safe and keep others healthy as well. This included the widespread wearing of masks indoors and outside. Not everyone practiced preventive measures such as mask wearing, maintaining a 6-foot distance, and washing hands frequently. Masks are a case in point. They are a key COVID-19 prevention strategy because they provide a barrier that can keep respiratory droplets from spreading. 

Lesson 2: Be friendly with technology

The tech boom wasn't just video calls and streaming TV. Popular food delivery apps more than doubled their earnings last year. Weddings and memorial services were held over videoconferencesForced to work remotely since the onset of the pandemic, millions of workers have learned they could be just as productive as they were at the office, thanks to videoconferencing, high-speed internet and other technologies. Many workers are tied to a location: We will always need nurses, police, roofers, machine operators, farmers and countless other workers to show up. But if you are among the people who are now able to work remotely, you may be able to live in a less expensive area than where your employer is based or work right away from the home you were planning to retire to later on.

 Lesson 3: Vaccines are powerful tools

Given the recent positive results from vaccine trials, once again vaccines are proving to be powerful for preventing disease. COVID-19 vaccine spotlight will motivate people to keep up with all of their vaccines, including childhood and adult vaccines for such diseases as measles, chicken pox, shingles, and other viruses. 

Lesson 4: We need to take mental health seriously

There was a rise in reported mental health problems that have been described as “a second pandemic,” highlighting mental health as an issue that needs to be addressed. the number of mental health disorders that were on the rise before the pandemic is surging as people grapple with such matters as juggling work and childcare, job loss, isolation, and losing a loved one to COVID-19.

Lesson 5: Community is essential

People who were part of a community during the pandemic realized the importance of human connection, and those who didn’t have that kind of support realized they need it. Many of us have become aware of how much we need other people many have managed to maintain their social connections, even if they had to use technology to keep in touch. Loneliness has been found to suppress the immune system and be a precursor to some diseases.



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