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Corona virus

페이지 정보

작성자 Khongorzul
댓글 0 Comments 조회 332 Views 작성일 21-10-16 20:08


It has been 2and half years from now on... when corona came out people do not have exact what's the going on. They did not wear mask because people think it is just like normal virus such as cough etc... nothing that scary and will happen whole world. However corona happened all over the world... and people died as many. 2019and 2020 scientists have trying to make against the covid 19 vaccine. It has failed several times for sure because they need to tested on animal and if they are doing okay then it might get proved by world organization. People have waited when will come the normal day. Because of covid19 we have to spread out from each other at least 2metr far stand, cannot go to restaurant, club etc ... so many places are closed. We even could not go out because it was scary... but now we are all get in used to it. Everything closes at 10pm KST and can not seat more than 4people and so on. Now I am thinking we are getting used to it and we are living just like nothing happened in 2019 it seems normal. This year 2021 there are few vaccine emerge. For example, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson, Spuntnik, AstraZenica. In Korea people get vaccinated by pfizer or moderna. Which is one of them cannot choose it. We all hope this difficult time will be gone soon and just like before covid19 we want to explore our hobbies, searches, goals and make new friends, attend some clubs, talk to unkhown person without hesitates. To sum up, everyone get their vaccine and stay healthy.


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