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Are you ready for the first cold wave of this year ?

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작성자 Sengsouriya Pho…
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Currently, I’ve enjoyed an autumn season where there are full of colorful leaves and nice weather but a couple of months later the weather will getting colder and freezing in the winter season. I would like to share my experience of my first winter season in Korea. I am not that sure these experiences are a disaster or not but lets me share with you what I experienced.

Basically, I like the winter season. I like snow because I never saw a show before and I am excited about the first snow. I like to go skiing and enjoy outdoor activities after heavy snowing to create a snowman with friends but I don’t like the side effects of this season. Then it is come up with some bad experiences about last winter season that I will share with you below

Firstly, the thing that always threatens and scares me all the time is when I will open the door on a freezing day because the doorknob is made of metal. So whenever I open the door I tend to get an electric shock. Since, The static shock is more likely to happen in colder, drier climates because this type of air lacks the moisture needed for static electricity to find balance. I think you have to be careful even it is not too serious shocking but it is really distracting your life. To cope with this matter, you should be wearing a glove when open the door.

Secondly, another thing that distracting me a lot is dry cold air at night while deeply sleeping makes me feel a scratchy throat, and sore throat after the next day because of that dry cold air. To cope with this distraction to your health you might frequently drink warm water instead of cold water and finding a personal humidifier in your room. Eating good food and doing basic exercise in your room then you will be able to confront with freezing weather in Korea.

My last experience about a freezing day in Korea is one night without heating during the cold wave that hit Chuncheon due to the electricity in my room was broke down that night. So, dormitory staff arranged for my roommate and I to have another room in the midnight of that day temporary but new room the heating system also not work well. After that, we decided to go back to our room where there is still a little bit warm. I hope that this won’t happen to you.

Now a day even in the autumn season but it seems the weather getting colder than the same time as last year. Wishing all you guys who live in S.Korea doing well and stay healthy.


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