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Virtual Reality and the Reality of Ours

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작성자 Jessie
댓글 0 Comments 조회 108 Views 작성일 24-03-14 16:36


I finally got enough money to purchase my own virtual reality device!

It was quite expensive but I do enjoy being able to “go” to places I can never go to and do things I cannot usually do, and I do not have to leave my room! I can climb a frosty mountain haunted by deadly bird machines, fend them off by shooting them with my bow and arrow, have a nice boat ride amid a river interrupted by colossal alligator machines--explore a post-apocalyptic world while also being able to watch YouTube videos as if in a cinema. The only downside which I thought would not affect me is that for an extended amount of playtime, you may feel uncomfortable or dizzy. How is this related to the environment you ask? I think I can relate it to the environmental impact our real-life travels can do: the emissions and energy consumption of our modes of transportation, the packaging of the food and drinks we also purchase and consume along the way (‘cause it is more convenient)—even the mere fact of walking more than usual wears our shoes a little bit more also! But then here is VR, which only relies typically on just one energy consuming device and then you can go to Spain now, then America later, and then to outer space tonight! (Note: this is just a surface-level comparison and the environmental impact of what can be said to be two modes of traveling now still need deeper analysis.) This brings us to the question of whether VR technology may also be one way to practice sustainable tourism which I think is not a new concept—and also to the question of whether we will choose not really to be in a place in order to preserve it, like how generations before us created a replica of the Lascaux Cave and closed the original one which contains numerous earlier examples of our ancestors love for art, in order to protect it. Quite a philosophical question eh? Anyways, let us see what will happen. ^^



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