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작성자 zawadi bahagarh…
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It seems that I have a dry cough and low fever. It seems that people who meet me, bump into me, and are with me in any space could be infected, and even if I wash my hands, the virus seems to be on every handle. I'm really afraid.

I had a slight fever, but suddenly I got scared and asked, 'If I become infected, are all the people I came into contact with today?' I thought that

Like an imaginary pregnancy, like an imaginary corona. Every time I hear the news, my throat hurts, I feel like I have a cough, and my head hurts… I feel like my body is sick for nothing.

As COVID-19 spreads, more and more people are worried that they may be infected even with the slightest cough or fever. Also, because of these worries, they avoid even meeting other people and are engulfed in uncontrollable anxiety.

  In addition, acquaintances around them are self-isolating, waiting in line for several hours at the store to buy a mask, but not being able to purchase it,  more and more people buying daily necessities or ingredients, and seeing empty product shelves, etc. When confronted directly with a related situation, the fear is delicate. A phobia, is characterized by a fear that is limited to a specific object or situation. In addition, health anxiety refers to obsessing over information on disease or disability, substituting all symptoms to oneself, and exhausting mental energy by worrying about upcoming diseases or disorders.

Although standards for diagnosing phobias are medically established, phobias that suddenly occurred in line with the current spread of COVID-19 are more likely to be temporary normal reactions. As the social atmosphere is chaotic due to the spread of COVID- 19 infection, it is necessary to fulfill each role faithfully in each position. We must not forget that we are all in this together and get through it together.



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