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My first online semester in Korea!

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작성자 Nguyen Thi Thu …
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I started my first semester in Korea in September 2020 when the Covid-19 was serious. When I still stayed in my country, I imagined that when I came to Korea, I would have the chance to attend traditional classes, meet many friends from different countries all over the world, participate in group activities, go on a picnic with friends, and so on. Contrary to what I expected, my first semester in Korea was completely online due to the adverse situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the beginning, as it was my first time taking an online class, I was very confused with using Zoom software and studying online through the Eruri webpage at my university. Besides, it was also my first time studying abroad with all subjects being in English. To be honest, my English is not good, so I was very stressed. I worried that because of studying online, I would not understand the lesson, have no chance to make friends, and I might fail the subjects. Hence, the first online semester took me a lot of tears. Then, with the warm encouragement from my family, especially my husband and my 3-year-old son, I told myself that I had no choice but to adapt to my new life. Every day I listened to the professor's lectures repeatedly. I did my homework even if the professor didn't ask me to do it. I actively asked the professor a lot of questions that I did not understand. In addition, I found by myself and read various related documents on the internet. Finally, I finished my first semester with all A+ grades. That results were particularly meaningful to me as it was proof that I was able to overcome my limitation. Moreover, with these results, I was more confident when entering the next semesters. Now, as I have discovered the effective ways for online classes, I prefer online classes because they offer me the opportunity to re-listen to the lecture whenever I want, and it saves me time to do other things.


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