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Ways to boost your immunity in Autumn and winter.

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It is autumn season, but it feels like winter is here already. For this season its usually very cold and we need to stay warm at all cost. Therefore, I have been able to highlight some of the methods by which one can boost their immunity or immune system.
a). By drinking plenty of fluids: Water is very important, drinking enough water this season is very necessary.  It is also good to take a glass of water first thing in the morning. Non-caffeinated teas are also very good this period.
b). Exercise Regularly: Exercise promotes good blood circulation which allows your cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely to do their job quickly.
c). Stress less: stress drains the body. We need to stay strong and not stress the body by giving ourselves time for self-care which is very important for the body. d). Getting enough sleep: The body system regenerates itself as we sleep, good sleep helps to strengthen our immune system.
e). Eating foods with probiotics: Probiotics are living micro organisms that give a health advantages when given in sufficient amount. They are food to boost the immunity especially eating fermented and cultured foods.
f). Eating well-balanced diet: Eating healthy can help keep you well. Eating enough vegetables and fruits daily is very important. One must eat a well balanced meal everyday to have good immunity.
Furthermore, taking good care of oneself on a regular basis is the most health effective strategy to promote your general health.

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