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The fascinating ‘ㄱ’

페이지 정보

작성자 Michael
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 You know those moments when you know something in the back of your head but never realized it till someday. Well guess what? I just realized something bizzar few moments ago and here is my story and I am gonna share it with you... 

I am a half cast Ethiopian who moved to Ethiopia back in the year of 2003. And ever since i was fully exposed to my second language i.e the Amharic language ( one of the official languages in the country) I have always been fascinated with the language’s extraordinary characters. And I never stopped comparing these 110 plus characters with every language I came across. And the Korean language is no exception. Though its been​ a long time since I sat down, took the time and conscientiously compared my 2nd language with other languages, for reasons like being an adult and not having the time to think about staff like this, lately i have brought this habit back unknowingly and I cant help but think of a certain character in Amharic looking and sounding exactly the same as another character in the Korean language. This letter is the ‘G' of the Korean and Amharic languages. Used as you guessed, for words that include the sounds of ‘g’ in them. Writing it as‘ㄱ’ in both Hangul and Amharic is what blows my mind the most!

Characters looking the same? We've heard that before! but what are the odds of two distinctly different countries, both geographically and historically sharing the same alphabet? It’s been five years since I have been properly exposed to the Korean language and I am realizing this now? No wonder I was telling myself all this time that there was something about these 2 languages having something in common. And to put the cherry on the top, recently I was told that they even share the same sentence structure and grammatical rules, making it easy for Ethiopian natives to learn Korean faster than your average person just like in the case of Turkish speakers.


A food is one thing but A food with a seasoning is another. Same thing, a coincidence is one thing but a coincidence with lots shocking truths is something else!



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