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The paradox of a typhoon

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작성자 Michael
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The paradox of a typhoon



Recently typhoons have been sighted in certain parts of Korea and our phones have been buzzing every now and then, alarming us of a potential disaster. And So I felt it was fitting to write the following argument in the form of a blog; I wanted to raise the question that interested me and some of us regarding the paradox of natural disasters and unfavorable things happening in life in general. The question simply is… does anything good come out of a bad thing?


       Typhoons in Korea or in any part of this world are an awful thing to observe/experience . It brings destruction to homes, natural habitat, it takes lives of people and animals and so on. it is estimated that 10,000 people per year perish due to tropical cyclones only. Philippines alone has recorded 6300 deaths till now, ranking the highest in this category. 


Not only direct effects but indirect effects could be experienced through natural disasters. we can include examples like.. neighboring countries that have been exporting crops no longer being able to do so, because of the crops being damaged by the high winds, Putting the country in need of these supplies in a very insecure situation. The problems don’t stop here. But what about on the opposite side of things. Could there be a positive outcome caused by a natural disaster such as a typhoon?


The paradox of bad experiences states that: if nature or you in fact, experienced a bad thing then there is a good chance you both come out a better version of yourself than you were ever before. A dense forest destroyed by a wild fire becomes even more dense and greener post destruction due to the nutrients in the ground being abundant, mainly caused by the  potassium rich ashes of the previous trees. A man who caught a flu once doesn’t catch the same flu for the second time because the body’s new and improved immune system learns from its previous threat. I think you know where I am going with this… God forbid it but if a typhoon wind happened to be in our area, do you think we could we benefit from it’s destruction? Apparently some people on the internet report that typhoons can increase fish production, better chances of acquiring naturally existing fresh water ponds and also a great profit in the wind energy industry. Are these infos true? Do you see it’s contradiction that eludes to the paradox? And most importantly are you willing to look at the positives of life than it’s negative side even when you’re a direct victim of it?  There is a food for thought for you! I personally, will choose to see both sides in a balanced way, cause I believe that makes me both sympathetic towards people and have a logical mind simultaneously.


Stay safe everyone!



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