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“A coffee shop with a warming blanket" - Surviving winter in Kore…

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작성자 Merhawi
댓글 0 Comments 조회 116 Views 작성일 22-12-21 03:13


 “A coffee shop with a warming blanket ”


Hello Everyone!

We humans always have something artificial besides natural to cope with the weather either to stay warmed or cooled according to the prevalent temperature.   

When you visit and get served at some coffee shops such as “Toms and toms”, you will be treated with a simple winter light comfy blanket, which you will use while you are in the coffee shop and are supposed to return it back to its place after use. Nice right? 

Yeah, I tried to warm myself last week when I was sitting, having coffee, and doing my tasks at one of the “Tom’s and Toms’s” branches found near my campus. I have shared the picture of the light blanket above. General recommended outwearing during winter to get warmed, by woolen socks, Heattech socks, Winter boots, Knit scarf, and Woolen Gloves.

Taekwondo, Taekkyeon, K-Pop Dance, Traditional Korean Dance, and Nanta(Traditional Korean Percussion) are the recommended winter activities. Warming up from the cold makes your body stimulant and feel more alright than worrying about the cold and interrupting your routine.

Stay warmed! And have a great week!



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